Building the NEXT Blockchain

We are ready to revolutionize the world by integrating the world’s best Blockchains under the hood of NEXT.chain.

Based on Bitcoin core, we provide support for Unlimited assets, High Volume and instant transactions, decentralized governance and a lot more!

About NEXT.chain

With the pioneering use of decentralized technology, we have built the next version of Blockchain, Next.Chain. The ground-breaking Next.chain acts as a backbone of allowing, instant trading of coins and tokens with utmost security and reliability. We don’t plan on simply deploying a Blockchain and digital asset exchange platform, we aim to become leaders in the Blockchain field.

As large and centralized exchange wallets pose a great threat to the new world security, we provide each trader with their individual Blockchain wallets. With Next.Chain, you have 100 percent control over your assets.

With more than 100 cryptocurrency assets and multiple fiat trading support, we headed towards creating an easy and accessible digital monetary system. Along with our NEXT coin, we strive to enhance the trading experience of our users, creating a secure and efficient way to store and transfer digital assets without any middleman and third-party involvement.

A global payment system aimed towards lowering your trading fee and augmenting the security. Your assets are always safe and your trades, ultra-fast, and economical. Join us on our path towards building a revolutionary Blockchain ecosystem for the masses. 

  • Instant transactions, verified and approved.
  • A unified & open digital ledger.
  • API integration for all third parties.
  • Global coverage and 24/7 Availability
  • Support for short wallet addresses.
  • Unlimited asset deployments (utility or security tokens).
  • Decentralized Governance.
  • Decentralized data storage.
  • Privacy, but also KYC and AML compliant.
  • And much much more...

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NEXT.chain for companies

NEXT possesses one of the Blockchain industry's highest throughput rates (TPS), allowing you to scale your applications as your business grows.


Next Digital Assets (NDA)

NEXT allows anyone (after KYC) to easily create and maintain their own digital asset, similar to Ethereum's ERC20 tokens. All assets are directly tradeable on, since our goal is to provide transparent liquidity to new and existing projects. Is your business ready for a boost by incorporating digital assets? We are here to help.


Instant Transactions & Confirmations (ITC)

Fund or ownership transfers of tokens are carried out through the ITC protocol and Masternodes, for instant transactions. No more waiting for confirmations or sluggish payments.


Custom short addresses (CSA)

We aren’t fans of long and convoluted addresses that nobody can remember adequately, such as 12c6DSiU4Rq3P4ZxziKxzrL5LmMBrzjrJX. With NEXT, and from now on, your blockchain address can be as easy as your company's name.


Decentralized Authentication (DA)

With built-in authentication on the blockchain, it will be possible to sign in with just a simple click on every website. Combined with our payment gateway, this will be the easiest payment solution in the world.

In development

Atomic swaps

With Atomic Swaps, we built a way to swap your digital assets and coins instantly and directly from the NEXT wallet, without a web-based exchange.

In development


We are developing a cryptographically-secure off-chain multi-asset instant transaction network. It leverages the power of blockchains and smart contracts to facilitate cheap, fast and private cross-chain transactions.

NEXT Masternode

Masternodes are central elements of the NEXT network. Individuals who run Masternodes help secure our Blockchain and relay transactions across the entire network while receiving a financial reward in the form of NEXT on a regular basis.

Personal Wealth

Secure your wealth and protect your investments by obtaining a NEXT masternode to earn rewards.

True Governance

Every masternode gets to participate in the underlying governance of NEXT. No more centralized decision making.

Solid Code

With a solid DEV team, the evolution of NEXT continues to be built upon secure foundations and principals.

Mining NEXT

We’ve got great news for you as a miner. NEXT has its own SHA256 merged mining pool! We’re also fully compatible with stratum, all you need to do is connect to the pool and start mining NEXT.

Daily payments

Receive payment every day for discovering Blocks.

Double the benefits and security

NEXT is merge-mined together with Bitcoin. Meaning that Bitcoin miners can simultaneously mine both Bitcoin and NEXT at no additional costs.

Flexibility over your funds

Mined NEXT can instantly be traded on

NEXT Rewards for Masternodes and Miners

Year Block Rewards Masternode SuperBlock Miners Yearly Rewards Per MasterNode
based on 100 MN
ROI with 100 MN
1 3.500 1.575 0.350 1.575 1839600 8278 33.11%
2 3.150 1.418 0.315 1.418 1655640 7450 29.80%
3 2.835 1.275 0.283 1.275 1490076 6705 26.82%
4 2.551 1.148 0.255 1.148 1341068 6035 24.14%
5 2.296 1.033 0.229 1.033 1206961 5431 21.73%
6 2.067 0.930 0.207 0.930 1086265 4888 19.55%
7 1.860 0.837 0.186 0.837 977638 4399 17.60%
8 1.674 0.753 0.167 0.753 879875 3959 15.84%
9 1.506 0.678 0.151 0.678 791887 3563 14.25%
10 1.356 0.610 0.136 0.610 712698 3207 12.83%
11 1.220 0.549 0.122 0.549 641428 2886 11.55%
12 1.098 0.494 0.109 0.494 577285 2598 10.39%
13 0.9888 0.445 0.099 0.445 519557 2338 9.35%
14 0.889 0.400 0.089 0.400 467601 2104 8.42%
15 0.800 0.360 0.080 0.360 420841 1894 7.58%

Ready to start a masternode or mine NEXT?

CPU mining

  • Your own VPS server is required
  • Own installation
  • We do not provide support

Pool mining

Best Value
500 NEXT / month
  • Powerful mining package
  • Fixed hashrate of 10 GH/s
  • Direct connection to NEXT nodes
  • Prioritized support
Get Started


25000 NEXT / once
  • Passive income
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Voting rights
  • Prioritized support
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Some commonly asked questions

The trading platform is a hybrid exchange that provides its users with a convenient, secure, and efficient means of trading. It also provides a variety of different digital assets with multiple pairings such as BTC, ETH, NEXT, and several fiat currencies.
The NEXT.chain will act as the backbone for
By running a Masternode you help uphold the NEXT network and aid it’s growth while receiving financial reward in the form of NEXT on a regular basis. The NEXT network will grow in appeal for investors and users as it increases in size and security, this in turn positively affects the financial incentive provided by running a NEXT Masternode.
While CPU mining is possible it will not be nearly as effective as utilizing ASIC computing power.
NEXT that is mined and received as a reward for running a Masternode is tradeable directly on with multiple pairings.
25,000 NEXT is needed to start running a Masternode. NEXT may be acquired directly here by using BTC, ETH, USD and EUR.

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